Beginning in 1923, Ford Marshall & H. V. Aderhold purchased the funeral home previously owned by R. B. Leatherwood. Established in Hillsboro on the courthouse square in 1912, Leatherwood had moved it to "the Arcade Building" at Church and Franklin Streets in 1919.

The new owners initially called the firm "Marshall & Aderhold." After one year of operation, Aderhold retired from the business and the firm's name was changed to "Marshall & Marshall." The active manager was Ford's son Louie Marshall, who would be the driving force for over 40 years. He remained with the business until his death in 1967.

C. E. Holloway and his wife, Lillie Fae, moved to Hillsboro from Farmersville, Texas in January of 1949 to join the now well-established firm. Almost immediately, their family grew with the addition of two daughters, Jan and Jackie. During the late 50s and early 60s before commercial air service was as routine as it is today, Louie and C.E. who were both pilots, were some of the first funeral directors to routinely offer air transport for human remains needing to be returned for funeral services. C.E. became more and more involved in the daily operations of the funeral home over the next few years and was named manager and became a co-owner of the funeral home in 1963.

The steadily growing organization opened a full service funeral home in Whitney in 1967, also bearing the Marshall & Marshall name. The building was initially over 6,000 square feet and was the first funeral home to serve the western portions of Hill County. Lillie Fae served as the office manager and preneed counselor from its opening until taking a reduced role in 1995.

Up until 1973, in addition to providing complete funeral services in Hillsboro and Whitney, the firm also provided the only ambulance service for both communities and the surrounding area. Things cost a little less in those days. Just prior to the transfer of this service in 1973, old records reflect that most ambulance calls cost between $7.50 and $15.00.

The Holloway's purchased the remaining Marshall family interest in 1985. Their sons-in-law, James Shaw and Pat Dumas, joined the firm in 1990 and earned their funeral directors and embalmers licenses in 1991. The Holloway daughters - Jan Shaw and Jackie Dumas, also became active members of the Marshall & Marshall staff at the same time assuming responsibility for the company business records and preneed management.

In early 2005, Marshall & Marshall acquired Edens Funeral Home, also in Hillsboro. This location was renamed Marshall & Marshall East Side Chapel, and the firm continued to operate two locations in Hillsboro through September of 2005. At that time, all Hillsboro operations were moved to the East Side Chapel following renovation of the building. Included at the new location is a 300 seat chapel, four state rooms, and family meeting room with sheltered family parking.

The facility in Whitney was expanded to over 8,000 square feet in 1988 with the enlargement of the chapel to provide seating for 275 and the addition of two more staterooms. Further renovation was completed in 1998 when both the interior and exterior were extensively remodeled, including the addition of covered family parking for our Whitney families as well.

We remain today a family owned and operated business. For over 80 years, Marshall & Marshall Funeral Directors has been a name that people have trusted to provide compassionate, dignified services for their families at affordable prices.

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